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We digitally transform banking products for use in messengers

Scale your customers’ engagement and retaining processes with our solutions for voice and text conversational applications


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Strategic partner 

The number of messenger users will grow for another 3 years

The global trend of instant messengers audience indicates a 15% stable growth in the next 3 years. Markets with medium user coverage will experience faster growth during this period and access new customer audiences.

Attracting new customers is cheaper than in other digital channels

  • Referral Programs (Member Get Member)
  • Possibility of targeting and re-targeting of social advertising
  • High level of message opening (Open-rate)

Customer retention
in messengers is much easier

  • Interactive customer experience
  • Focus on highly demanded services
  • Safe transfer of funds through the built-in payment system
  • An easy way to get NPS
  • Loyalty and gamification campaigns

Chatbots for all banking client segments

We develop solutions in WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, and iMessage, so that banks can attract customers 24/7 by serving customers in a convenient location.


  • Onboarding new clients

  • Onboarding in a mobile app

  • Neobank in the messenger

Micro, small and medium enterprises

  • Client-bank in the messenger

  • Bot platform for SMEs

  • Onboarding for salary projects

  • Direct sales of all branches

Chatbots for non-banking organizations

Microfinance organizations

  • Registration of applications and issuance of loans
  • Customer self-service

Payment providers

  • Onboarding new clients
  • Cross-border transfers

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