How to Simplify Payroll Projects Maintenance Using a Chatbot?

According to Sberbank, in the fourth quarter of 2019, the share of non-cash payments in Russia for the first time exceeded half of the total expenses of residents of the Russian Federation, amounting to 50.4%. In this article, we will look at the competitive advantages of banks in payroll projects and how to automate the process of payroll projects maintenance for bank employees.

Competitive advantages

According to a payroll project survey prepared for Visa, the majority of Russians (64%) are loyal to their bank, but one in four (26%) does not exclude the possibility of switching to servicing another bank.

Below are more than 30 unique competitive advantages of the top 15 banks in Russia:

  • Cashback for any purchases;
  • Automatic calculation of personal income tax;
  • Free connection of a salary project;
  • Free SMS informing about funds crediting;
  • Free issue of cards;
  • Free access to internet banking for each employee;
  • Within the framework of the “Status” and “Premium” salary projects, no commission is charged for transferring funds to employee cards;
  • An opportunity for an employee to independently switch to another service package;
  • The ability to add to the project employees who previously had UBRD cards open;
  • The ability to control the charge online;
  • The ability to transfer to service in the bank only part of the employees (management team);
  • The opportunity to receive additional income on a payroll card;
  • The possibility of placing an ATM on the territory of the organization;
  • The ability to withdraw cash throughout the Russian Federation without commission;
  • All operations are performed remotely;
  • Holders of salary cards can take advantage of preferential mortgage rates;
  • It is not necessary to open an account to conclude a salary agreement;
  • Wages are paid in an automated manner;
  • Cards are issued to employees within five working days;
  • Cards are issued to employees on the territory of the company;
  • Instant salary receipt on the card;
  • There are no limits on the transfer amount;
  • Regular and premium salary cards are issued free of charge;
  • Transfer of wages to cards of any banking organizations;
  • Connection to the project in 1 day;
  • Full integration with your accounting software;
  • Receipt of cash in the Russian Federation and abroad at any time of the day;
  • Interest on the account balance;
  • Work with a personal manager to resolve emerging issues;
  • Expansion of the social package for employees due to preferential terms for lending and opening deposits;
  • Reduction of the cost of transportation and storage of cash;
  • Company employees can develop the design of the cards themselves;
  • Special lending conditions for holders of salary cards;
  • Funds are credited within 90 minutes;
  • Exclusive offers for company executives;
  • Emergency cash withdrawal abroad if the card is damaged or lost

For each item, the bank has organized processes that require operational instructions for bank employees in cases where the client wants to use them. This and information for the client. This is where chatbots come to the rescue.

Why do we need chatbots for payroll projects?

The purpose of chatbots is to automate the bank employees’ routine operations to provide the client with operational information and automate the processing of salary projects.

Chatbot for self-service of payroll cards issuing 

3 participants are involved in the process of registering payroll projects – an employee, a bank, and a personnel department, and the interaction process is as follows:

  1. an employee comes to the enterprise and is registered in the personnel department,
  2. the personnel department of the enterprise transfers its documents to the bank,
  3. the bank issues the card,
  4. the bank transfers the card to the personnel department,
  5. personnel department hands over the card to the employee

Thus, the client’s path becomes shorter and more convenient, and the information provided by the client is immediately loaded, identified and processed in the banking system, without requiring additional actions from the bank’s employees.

Advantages of customer self-service in a chatbot in a payroll card messenger:

  • the client is not tied to a bank branch
  • an explanatory note is provided for each item
  • card issuance is accelerated
  • the load is removed from employees

Bot functions that can be used for payroll projects chatbot:

  • collection of data for application
  • user identification via passport, TIN or company ID
  • document recognition
  • bot confirmation, thanks to integration with the banking system
  • applying for a card
  • registration of card delivery by courier

Alfa Bank’s case: knowledge base about payroll projects in the chatbot

To optimize the provision of consulting services and reduce the time for preparing responses, this functionality was transferred to a chatbot with artificial intelligence. The chatbot for payroll projects was a knowledge base of the “new employee” of Alfa-Bank for answering various requests from client managers.

In other words, the chatbot covered 2 processes:

  • onboarding of bank employees for salary project services
  • FAQ

“Our new employee with artificial intelligence (chatbot) has already proven himself. In addition to the 24×7 mode of operation, it significantly reduced labor costs for a fairly routine functionality, and also made it possible to more than 50 times increase the speed of responses to internal consulting requests of employees, thereby improving the quality of service and bank customers, – said Maria Shevchenko, Chief Operating Officer of Alfa-Bank


  • increased the speed of responses to internal consulting requests of employees
  • the quality of service and bank customers has been increased

In this article, we examined two ways to use chatbots for salary projects for a bank – a knowledge base for employees and registration of salary cards.

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