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Chatbot features
for micro, small, and medium enterprises

Chatbot development for entrepreneurs and small business owners who use the services of your bank.

Benefits for the bank:

  • Increase in the number of opened SME accounts
  • Increase in turnover through Internet acquiring

Our clients

Card management operations

  •  Integration with CRM for unified accounting

  • Identification of employees by phone number

  • Task calendar with customer cards

  • Making calls and meetings and recording the results

  • Tabulation

  • History of customer interactions

Account management via messenger

  • Forming an invoice

  • Account recognition by QR code

  • Account recognition by document photo

  • Refill

  • Account statement in web or pdf format

Payroll projects service in the messenger

  • Data collection for application
  • User identification via passport, TIN or company ID
  • Document recognition
  • Bot confirmation thanks to integration with the banking system
  • Applying for a card
  • Registration of card delivery by courier

Financial operations in the messenger

  • Selling and buying currency

  • Currency rates

  • RSC

  • Payment of taxes

Chatbot development for banking

Chatbots.Studio bot-platform

Thanks to the bot platform Chatbots.Studio, we can quickly provide your clients’ businesses with customized chat bots fully integrated with a business account.

 Benefits for the bank:

  •  Increase in the number of opened SME accounts

  • Instant integration with a ready-made endpoint bot that is immediately available to customers to start sales

  • Increase in turnover through Internet acquiring

  • The bot is integrated into the business with customer accounts

  • The ability to quickly customize bots for the client’s brand

  • Ready-made bot templates for: Cafe / Restaurant / Fast food, Beauty salons, Parking

  • Placing bots in several messengers

  • Chatbot sales analytics

  • Customer notifications

 Benefits for your clients (merchants):

  • Own mini-CRM with the ability to search for a client and all his orders

  • Easy integration with POS management systems

  • Receiving reports on the work of online sales for the day

  • Basket. The chatbot saves all selected items until the next sessions.

  • The ability to repeat the previous order

  • Transfer of sales to online with minimal costs for: To go / Take away and Delivery

  • Ability to use Facebook / Instagram ads to attract new customers

  • Bulk customer discount notifications

Banking Chatbots Case Studies

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