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Digitizing retail banking products

Chatbots for retail customers allow banks to provide services in instant messengers 24/7 – WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Facebook Messenger and Apple Business Chat

Our clients

Card management functionality

  •  Instant prepaid card issuance

  • Physical card ordering and delivery

  • Card replenishment

  • Card balance information

  • Change card pin-code

  • Card blocking

  • Applying for an increase in the credit limit

  • Account statement

Financial operations in the messenger

  • Card to card money transfer

  • Currency exchange operations

  • Mobile top-up

  • Payment of utility services

  • Functionality of international transfers

Chatbots for lending and deposits

  • Change of credit card limit
  • Applying for a cash loan
  • Replenishment \ early repayment of the loan
  • Auto \ Mortgage Lending
  • Online consultation on the terms of lending and deposits
  • Deposit calculator
  • Online opening of deposits

Customer service via messenger

  •  Online consultation with an operator
  • Call-back request
  • Search of the nearest branch, ATM or self-service term
  • Transaction notifications in the messenger

Benefits of banking chatbots

Price and launch speed

Ability to access a new audience

Emission and transaction income growth 

Ability to reactivate a client

Banking Chatbots Case Studies

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