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CRM for sales department


Chatbot Functionality in the Messenger

Identification of employees by phone number

Calendar of tasks with customer cards

Calendar management

API integration with the banking system

Holding calls and meetings and recording results

Customer Interaction History

IT strategy and processes automation

Bank CenterCredit JSC is the bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan, which is in the top 10 best banks of the country. The bank has more than 180 branches, 20 representative offices and more than 1,500 employees.

In 2018, the bank’s IT team revised the IT Development Strategy for 2018-2020. One of the main objectives of this strategy was the standardization and automation of the bank’s internal processes. With the expansion of the functionality of existing banking products and an increase in the intensity of work of branches in the direction of cross-selling products and services, the client needed the fastest in development and relatively inexpensive tool for interacting with employees. Mobile application development was not included in these criteria.

After implementing solutions to improve IT infrastructure, in 2018, the cross-selling coefficient among payroll project participants increased from 0.93 to 1.29, it was expected that the introduction of a chat bot in Viber for bank employees would also increase this coefficient.

CRM bot Security in Viber

Access to chatbot is implemented only for bank employees. Identification occurs due to binding to a phone number. An employee enters the bot, passes automatic authorization, where his API number is transmitted to the banking system, looks for the necessary number in it, and returns an authorization response. The banking system can control access to the bot by distributing or restricting access to specific employees.

Data encryption in the chatbot is organized in such a way that only identification data is stored in the history of interaction with the bot, and everything else that gets into the bot is encrypted and not displayed in the bot’s logs.

Detailed chatbot functionality

Identification of employees is carried out using a phone number and a search in the database of a bank employee for further work with the chatbot. If the search result is positive, the employee can use the functionality of the following menu blocks (Calls, Appointments, History, Appointment Calendar). It is also planned to launch the functionality of creating a customer card and card delivery.

API integration with the banking system. With this integration, synchronization of contacts and tasks assigned to each agent is organized. For example, if an employee closes a task using the chatbot, indicating the outcome of a meeting or a call, the closure is also recorded in the bank’s CRM system, which allows the employee not to do the same work twice.

Task Calendar allows you to conveniently view your meetings and weekly calls for each day. The employee selects the necessary week and day, after which he can see the list of customers for whom you need to make a call or meeting. When choosing a client, he receives more detailed information about the client and can also, by clicking the Edit button, go directly to the bot and fill out a report on working with this client.

Making calls and meetings. In the sections of the chatbot Calls and Meetings (soon also Card delivery), an employee can view the planned contacts with customers, and after a call or meeting indicate a short report on the products that were offered and customer decision regarding them. An employee can transfer a call or a meeting with a client, planning it for a more convenient day or time.

Tableting. By means of tableting, an employee records his location at a given time. This function is used before entering a report on each of the meetings.

History. This section records the history of interactions with the client, you can view the success or failure of the proposals, as well as see the employee’s comment on the products that were offered during the meeting / call.


Node.js – backend web application technology

Express.js – used to create the backend bot API

React.js – JavaScript library used to create user interfaces

Node-RED – IBM technology based on Node.js, which allows you to build a scalable model for processing parallel events and dialogs in the bot for the required number of users

Chatbots.Studio platform is a ready-made platform with a set of APIs for working with text, images and sensitive customer information. The platform allows you to quickly expand the functionality for automating banking services in instant messengers, simply integrate the platform components with the banking system and processing, configure dialogue scenarios for bank processes and brand the interface.

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