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Chatbot for Bank customer service and prepaid card issuance


Chatbot Functionality in the Messenger

For potential clients of the bank:

Issuing prepaid cards by phone number

Payment of utility services

Mobile phone top-up

Replenishment of a prepaid card from any bank card

For bank clients:

P2P transfers

Credit replenishment

Ordering statements

Opening a deposit or loan

Transaction notifications

Card blocking

Search for the nearest branches and ATMs

Getting requisites

Payment for utilities by card

Mobile top-up

Purpose of a chatbot for a bank in WhatsApp

 VTB Bank Azerbaijan is a universal bank providing a wide range of modern banking products and services of international level, as well as a subsidiary of OJSC VTB Bank in Azerbaijan.

Today VTB Azerbaijan is a visionary of integrating mobile banking operations into chat bots in instant messengers. In early February 2020, the Chatbots.Studio team created an MVP solution for the bank on Facebook Messenger, with which a new and attractive product was created for the bank’s customers. After 3 months, about five thousand users a month make transactions in the messenger. The VTB team decided not to stop at one messenger and conquer online banking in the most popular application in Azerbaijan.

WhatsApp in Azerbaijan ranks 1st in download among messengers on Apple App Store and Google Play Store platforms (according to Similarweb). The development of a chatbot in WhatsApp by the Chatbots.Studio team took 2 months and soon VTB Bank had another ready-made solution to enter the market. Thus, a chatbot for a bank in an increasingly popular messenger is becoming not just a chatbot in a convenient communication channel, but a strategic asset for promoting services and banking products.

And the availability of instant messengers opens up new horizons for attracting customers. Since the messenger is already linked to the customer’s contact database by phone numbers or to the Facebook friends list, the bot user can easily share the information received in the bot.


Not so long ago, WhatsApp introduced an in-app browser function into the messenger, which allows you to open links within the application, rather than redirecting to the search engine browser application. The in-app browser in WhatsApp is based on Android and IOS webview modules as an integration. Pros of the in-app browser – Safe Browsing function, which blocks suspicious sites, phishing (scammers use similar links: for example, instead of [bankname] .com – [bankname], redirect from site to site, as well as a ban on writing screen and screenshots by WhatsApp itself.

We have implemented this feature in VTB Bank’s chatbot. Thus, financial transactions are carried out not inside the WhatsApp chatbot, but on the webview side. Webview allows you to create all the interactive elements necessary for the bank, for example, viewing a map or the ability to fill out a form.

To securely work with payment data in the chatbot, the PCI DSS international standard was used. The standard includes the requirements of payment systems: MasterCard, Visa in the USA and Visa in Europe for information protection. The scope of standard control includes:

  • Building and maintaining a secure network – the functioning of firewalls to protect data
  • Cardholder data protection – data storage and encryption
  • Vulnerability Management Program
  • Support – Regular Updates
  • Implementation of strict access control measures – customer identification
  • Regular monitoring and testing of the network – control of sessions of access to network resources
  • Information security policy support

For example, by encrypting the chatbot protocols inside the messenger, sensitive customer data does not remain inside the protocols of the WhatsApp servers.

This ensures the security of data exchange with the bank inside the chatbot.


According to Statista as of October 2019, WhatsApp is the most popular instant messenger in the world, serving 2 billion monthly users. Also, the statistics of downloading applications on the Google Play Store in Russia – the first place for WhatsApp among instant messengers – speaks of the growing popularity of the messenger. And in connection with the movement of the world towards remote customer service, mobile solutions are becoming mandatory attributes of a modern bank.

Internet banking in instant messengers allows you to carry out transactions without the need for a physical bank branch in the city. This allows not only to work in the absence of branches, but also to expand the geography of the bank’s clients. In addition, the quality of customer service is improved by reducing the time for processing requests and the availability of service at any time of the day or night.

To create this bot, modern technologies were used – Node js, React, Saga, Redux, Node Red – which allow you to expand the functionality of the bot at any time or implement biometric user identification.

Unlock hidden potential of messengers for your business

The availability of instant messengers opens up new horizons for attracting customers.Since the messenger already has access to the customer’s contact list by phone numbers or to the list of friends on Facebook, the bot user can easily share the information received in the bot.

The open rate of such messages is very high because a loyal audience shares information about the bank’s services and products with the already warm audience of their contacts. The user receives bonuses for attracting friends – everything is very simple.

Chatbots.Studio provides referral program tools as part of its customer solutions. We will take care of attracting users to the bot without violating the privacy policy:
– Building Strategy;
– Conversational Design;
– Launching campaigns

Built-in tools for analytics and visualization of clusters that attract customers the most will help to evaluate results. It has never been so easy to convert your customers’ instant messenger contact list into bank customers

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