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Why the leading Ukrainian bank
launched a messenger chatbot

In order to provide world-class customer service, any bank should recognize the necessity of a 24/7 communication channel. While that remains true, the Concord Bank's core priority has been to empower its customers to get prepaid cards in just a few clicks.

This chatbot works in two messengers and helps service the customers who own prepaid cards, while also helping with growing the customer base. The bot delivers the same functionality in both Viber and Telegram, which does not divide the audience and is convenient for any user. has undertaken the task of developing a chatbot for Concord bank in late November. And since mid-January, the bot has been providing quality customer experience and accelerating the prepaid card issuance process manifold.

The challenges of implementation and their solutions

When our team started developing the Viber chatbot, which had already been developed for Telegram, we faced a new challenge. We’d taken into consideration that a customer who ordered a prepaid card via Telegram might decide to switch to Viber at some point. Our developers have tackled the issue by synchronizing the messengers so that it doesn't matter which messenger the customer uses.

Through the bank's API, our chatbot can check whether the customer already owns a prepaid card, and then tie it to another messenger or issue a new card if the user decides to do so.

It sometimes happens that the bank API makes errors. There could be a variety of reasons as to why that occurs, ranging from electricity blackouts to process overload. Our team has taken into account all such contingencies to maintain bank-customer communication. We've used NodeRed to get the answer to the customer's question even if there's a mistake in the bank's API. Say, the customer requests to see the balance on his account. Should the API fail, our chatbot will nevertheless guide the user according to his request.

Why the bank issues a prepaid card through a chatbot

Theoretically speaking, a customer could get a prepaid card through a web widget or an app. However, both we and the customer favored using a chatbot. Let's break down why.

The first reason boils down to resourcefulness. A chatbot takes considerably less effort to develop than an app, all while retaining essentially the same functionality.

The second reason is accessibility. The number of clients who already have a messenger installed easily beats the number of those who would be willing to install an extra app, thereby sacrificing phone memory. Therefore, a chatbot would help reach a much broader audience than an app otherwise would.

Serving as an internet banking app, the chatbot is a handy digital tool that is available around the clock.

The Chatbot Functionality
in the Messenger

  • image Phone balance replenishment
  • image Debit card replenishment
  • image Card-to-card transactions
  • image Receiving the CVV through a text message
  • image Receiving bank statements
  • image Support and communication with the bank
  • image An ability to block or unblock a debit card