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Chatbots for payment providers

The solution in the messenger fully covers all the needs of customers of payment systems, and also helps to:

  • Increase conversion
  • Reduce the cost of attraction
  • Increase customer value
  • Reduce the cost of delivery of SMS and Viber messages

 A referral program is a great tool for attracting to a payment bot

Why does it work?

  • Encouragement (bonus) for a targeted action motivates customers to forward messages
  • High open rate of messages sent from user to user in private messages
  • Users’ contact list is already in the messenger

How does it work?

  • A unique link, tracking of conversions and targeted actions
  • Gamification

White-label bot platform for payment providers

Thanks to the Chatbots.Studio bot platform, we can quickly provide your clients’ businesses with customized chat bots fully integrated with the payment provider.

Benefits for payment providers:

  • Increase in turnover through Internet acquiring
  • Instant integration with a ready-made endpoint bot that is immediately available to customers to start sales

Chatbots.Studio Bot platform

Benefits for Payment Providers:

  • The bot is integrated into the clients’ personal accounts
  • New service for clients – providing clients with ready-made bots integrated with the payment system
  • The ability to quickly customize bots for the client’s brand
  • Ready-made bot templates for: Cafe / Restaurant / Fast food, Beauty salons, Parking
  • Placing bots in several messengers
  • Chatbot sales analytics
  • Customer notifications

Benefits for your customers (merchants):

  • Own mini-CRM with the ability to search for a client and all his orders
  • Easy integration with POS management systems
  • Receiving reports on the work of online sales for the day
  • Basket. The chatbot saves all selected items until next sessions.
  • The ability to repeat the previous order
  • Transfer of sales to online with minimal costs for: To go / Take away and Delivery
  • Ability to use Facebook / Instagram ads to attract new customers
  • Bulk customer discount notifications

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