Chatbot for VTB Bank in Messenger | Case Study

Internet Banking in Messenger

Serve your clients where they are: Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp etc.
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Why would a leading Azerbaijani bank need a bot?

Most people use messengers pretty regularly, and the younger the generation, the more active they are. Almost every user has 2-3 communication channels in their smartphone, which are regularly used throughout the day.

Mobile banks, namely applications, are now losing relevance, as there are ever more applications competing for users’ attention. Therefore, it is getting increasingly more difficult to convince a client to install an application for each bank he/she uses and therefore expend phone memory.

The Azerbaijani bank VTB saw a similar opportunity in transferring the internet banking functionality to a more convenient channel, where communication is fast and seamless. Considering the new technologies such as Apple Pay, Google pay and messenger integrations, developing digital banking is a must.


The Chatbot Functionality
in the Messenger

  • image Phone balance replenishment
  • image Utility payments
  • image Transactions to cards from other banks
  • image Transaction notifications
  • image Receiving bank statements
  • image ATM locations
  • image Applying for loans, deposits and cards

Cooperation with Chatbots.Studio

Having realized the advantages of developing a chatbot, the main ones of which are fast implementation and low resource investment, the VTB bank decided to integrate a chatbot into their business processes. While looking for a suitable vendor, the bank contacted their official partner VISA. In turn, VISA (a partner of ours), recommended the bank asking for our help, as the world’s leading chatbot development company with significant experience in fintech.

The Chatbots.Studio team used NodeRED technology to develop the bot and conveniently interact with their users. This technology acts as an orchestrator of microservices and is responsible for interactions with the bank’s API. We built the bot’s business logic (which messages should be processed and sent to the client) and integration with the bank’s ESB (internal middleware) with the help of NodeRED too.

Results & Prospects

The first messengers we chose for implementing the chatbot were WhatsApp and Facebook Messengers, as these are the most popular messengers in Azerbaijan. Thanks to the chatbot, the workload on the support centers is minimized, and the bank received not only an additional communication channel, but also profits, in the form of new customers.

Chatbots.Studio has managed to build an unprecedented product on our customer’s market. On the very first day of the launch, the product immediately attracted 100 active customers. Having observed the activity of the users, we could conclude that the chatbot’s functionality is highly relevant and meets the users’ expectations.

It is expected that after some time, 100% of entrepreneurial clients will be serviced remotely through a messenger. This will help reduce the number of physical banks in the network. Thus, thanks to our chatbot platform, the bank improved the quality of service for current customers and managed to return some of the previous ones. With the help of the chatbot, we plan to take a significant market share in Azerbaijan by the end of 2020.

Unlock hidden potential of messengers for your business

The availability of instant messengers opens up new horizons for attracting customers.Since the messenger already has access to the customer’s contact list by phone numbers or to the list of friends on Facebook, the bot user can easily share the information received in the bot.

The open rate of such messages is very high because a loyal audience shares information about the bank's services and products with the already warm audience of their contacts. The user receives bonuses for attracting friends - everything is very simple.

Chatbots.Studio provides referral program tools as part of its customer solutions. We will take care of attracting users to the bot without violating the privacy policy:
- Building Strategy;
- Conversational Design;
- Launching campaigns

Built-in tools for analytics and visualization of clusters that attract customers the most will help to evaluate results. It has never been so easy to convert your customers' instant messenger contact list into bank customers.

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